I love Square and their family of services. As an entrepreneur, I adopted them early on because I loved their simple options which helped me to take payments from my customers. When Square released the Cash App, I was instantly in love.

Just like many apps like Venmo, the Cash App allows you to easily send and receive digital “cash” payments. During the 3rd quarter of 2018, The Cash App, added an option to buy BTC aka bitcoin.

The Cash App is by far my FAVORITE way to purchase bitcoin. It’s not as “scary” as “Bitquick” and it takes only minutes to receive your bitcoin.

The cash app says they charge no fees, but I notice about a 1-2% difference in price when I make my purchase. I’m happy to pay the small fee because of the convenience. It’s simple and quick to buy and sell bitcoin using the app.

You will need to complete a “KYC” (Know Your Customer) application, which may take a few days to a week to complete. Once it’s completed, this may become your favorite way to buy & sell bitcoin like it is mine. You can easily send and receive bitcoin within the Cash App.

Now, to make the Cash App even more appealing, you can now buy stocks like you can with Robinhood, but what’s more appealing, you have the option to buy a portion of stocks instead of the whole stock. This is not fully available at this time, but it’s systematically being rolled out to existing members and should be fully available in 2020.

So whether you want to send or receive a cash payment, buy, sell, send or receive bitcoin, or buy stocks, the CashApp may just become your favorite app to combine all 3 of these services.

Good luck as you HODL & Trade your Crypto!