Cloud Token 2.0

I’ve had several meetings and conference calls with founding members of Cloud 2.0 which started operating in May 2019. They had their OFFICIAL business launch in October 2019 and I like the company vision and where they are headed in this emerging and evolving market.

  1. I am still evaluating the company and researching the bad reviews as well as the good. I really like the TEAM TRAINING program which was created for people who want to know more about the Cloud 2.0 Vision.
  2. I have helped create a TEAM Resource Site which explores the benefits of Cloud 2.0. It will also introduce cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the concept of mining & trading.
  3. There are crypto scams & ponzi schemes out there, so it’s very important to do your due diligence. The creator of the  Cloud 2.0 technology, Ronald Aai has some BIG dreams for his company and has attracted several people I respect in the networking industry. This is the reason I’m taking an extended look at the company and their services.
  4. Cloud 2.0 is spreading around the globe by word of mouth. I am VERY intrigued by the concept and in September, I downloaded my FREE Cloud 2.0 wallet and I started testing out their services including JARVIS & ROGUE. So far, I like the results and I’m tracking their daily progress as they update and improve their services. 
  5. I’ll keep you updated on my Cloud 2.0 journey. If you are interested in learning more, please visit: and be sure to review their Training System.