Coronavirus, Hand Washing And Developing Good Habits

Happy Monday! Lately, I’ve been living my life with fewer distractions from social media & television (and when I say television, I’m including Netflix, YouTube, and other similar streaming services). Is it my Lenten sacrifice? Maybe by accident. In truth, starting the new Merchant Service Business doesn’t leave much time for distractions.

Although I limit my screen time on my phone during most of the day, some things still sneak through, like the meme above. In conversations with friends over the weekend, the coronavirus seemed to be the topic most referenced in my various circles of friends.

I am starting to notice the impact the coronavirus is making in my everyday life. I’m seeing way more people wearing face masks while out in public. Fist bumps and elbow taps are being used in place of handshakes. I’m intrigued to see how business meeting culture may change in the coming months.

The churches I attend made announcements and recommendations at worship services regarding greeting each other and how communion distribution would be modified to prevent potentially spreading germs. When I went shopping for supplies for last Thursday’s Burrito Project, I checked with several stores, and they were all out of bottled water. There were large empty spaces where I would normally see several pallets of bottled water stacked case upon case 4 or 5 feet high.

As you may or may not know, I teach dance classes. Dancing is very high touch and close proximity activity. Several of the dance studios I work with have added hand washing reminders, and antibacterial hand sanitizer is within eyeshot in almost any direction I look.

Today, I received 3 separate emails announcing the cancelation or postponement of upcoming events during this coronavirus scare. I wonder how many business trips and vacations will be interrupted over the next few months. I know of 2 recent brides who are contemplating canceling their honeymoon plans. Wow! I’m sure the travel industry will be taking a big hit over the next several months.

Except for the newer addition of face masks, there really isn’t much change in my normal, daily habits. I’ve always been a germaphobe, so handwashing has been an ever-present ritual spaced throughout my day. I frequently wash my hands at amusement parks, dance venues, and events like the burrito project and networking luncheons. I noticed that earlier today, and at a wedding I attended this weekend, I asked for permission before hugging someone. (That’s probably going to be happening a lot more often over the next few weeks).

As a germaphobe, I’m ecstatic that people are washing their hands so much more. Like they preach on cruise ships, just a reminder, wash the tops and bottom of hands with interlocking fingers for at least the time it takes to sing a verse from Happy Birthday. =)

I pray your health is great, and your immune system is strong. I think if we follow common sense, this will soon pass within a season. If it lasts longer, we as a community will be more conscientious of proper sanitation, cleanliness, and good hygiene habits.