Here is a list of businesses and / or organizations I’m directly involved with. I’d love to share more with you.

Merchant Services #1

If your business accepts credit cards, let me win your business with quality service, equipment & fair, competitive rates.

Dance Classes #2

Want to join me on the dance floor? Here’s where I’m currently teaching and dancing.

The Burrito Project #3

Want to get involved in your local community and help feed the hungry with tasty burritos? Learn more here.

Alpine Design #4

I love the chance to help design or redesign a home or a building housing a new business. Learn more about what I do here.

Wedding Singer & Church Cantor #5

I would love to sing for your wedding and anniversary celebrations. I’m also available to sing for funeral services.

Ordained Minister #6

If you’re not into having a big church wedding and a smaller intimate venue is more your style, then consider having a family member or friend perform the service for you. I’m available if you decide you want to bring in an ordained minister to take care of everything for you.

Wedding Planner #7

Am I a wedding planner? No, but I have attended many, many weddings and maybe I can help guide you in the right direction.

Website Design Services #8

I have assembled an amazing TEAM of web designers and content providers to help you create or rebrand your website. If you’re a DIY person like me, I can help start you on your path.

I’ll be adding more services soon…

Sometimes, what I’m calling services may also fall under activities. I’ll provide links to both pages to make it easier for you to find. Have fun exploring. I look forward to meeting you soon…

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