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While most of us are happy to use our personal email for our new business ventures, sometimes it might be advantageous to have an email connected to your new or existing website.

I was a tester for google’s email service, gmail, when it was first being rolled out. I have been a huge fan since gmail first came to market and it’s the only email service I use now for both my personal & business purposes.

I was using a great email service connected to my hosting account for my business email. I loved that it was my name with my domain name, ( It had a more professional feel than using my free personal email.

I recently found out about gmail’s business email service. It offers all the amazing features of gmail as well as a suite of google’s most popular apps and services. G SUITE is slightly more expensive than the Burrito Project Domain’s Email Service, but I since I receive my business email AND my favorite google services, I’m happy to pay a little more for G SUITE.

G Suite has several pricing structures depending on your business size, but I think most businesses will be happy with their $5 per month per email price. You can try it out for free for 14 days and if you need to upgrade, a G Suite Specialist can help you explore the best fit for your business.

If you’re REALLY serious about trying out the G SUITE Service, I have 2 Promotion codes offering you 20% off your first year of service. Email me directly ( and I’ll send you the code.

Also, if you have any questions about the email or hosting service, I’m happy to answer your questions. I promote these services because personally use them and I love them so much.

When you’re ready to start building your email list, consider using Constant Contact to gather subscriber emails and to send out beautiful emails to your audience.

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