I’m excited to announce that www.TofuAlan.com has moved to a new address: www.TofuAlan.net

The site is currently being updated and modified daily so I can bring you all the content and services I’d love to share with you.

Who is TofuAlan? If you want to know more, you can visit the About Me section. In a nutshell, I love to dance, sing, hike, dine, teach, swim, play, cruise, karaoke, explore, travel, work, write, read, share and much, much more.

This website is a way that I can easily share some of my favorite activities, events and thoughts with you. If I saw something which piqued my interest, I’ll probably write about it and post it in the blog section of this site. If it’s a bigger part of my life, it may become a dedicated page. I’m still feeling things out and rearranging as I see fit. I’m always open to suggestions too. Happy reading and I hope you have fun!

Below are 7 services I help provide within my community.

TofuAlan dancing with Renata DePersis at Third Saturday Swing. Photo by Steve Kim.

#1 Dance Classes

Want to join me on the dance floor? Here’s where I’m currently teaching and dancing.

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#2 The Burrito Project 

Want to get involved in your local community and help feed the hungry with tasty burritos? Learn more here.

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#3 Alpine Design

I love the chance to help design or redesign a home or a building housing a new business. Learn more about what I do here.

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TofuAlan Singing

#4 Music – Wedding Singer & Cantor

I would love to sing for your wedding and anniversary celebrations. I’m also available to sing for funeral services.

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TofuAlan Ordained Minister
The Susan & Paul Wedding with TofuAlan.

#5 Ordained Minister

If you’re not into having a big church wedding and a smaller intimate venue is more your style, then consider having a family member or friend perform the service for you. I’m available if you decide you want to bring in an ordained minister to take care of everything for you.

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#6 Wedding Planner

Am I a wedding planner? No, but I have attended many, many weddings and maybe I can help guide you in the right direction.

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#7 Website Design Services

I have assembled an amazing TEAM of web designers and content providers to help you create or rebrand your website. If you’re a DIY person like me, I can help start you on your path.

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Photo taken by TofuAlan, while hiking to Idlehour Trail Camp, Angeles National Forest.

What Else Is Here???

I’ve been told I should have an email list with all the activities I do. I’ll be creating a weekly newsletter soon…

In the meantime, I’ll be listing a lot of my favorite activities and things I find interesting on this website.

My Newsletter is coming soon…