About Me

Who Is TofuAlan?

I’ll tell you more about that nickname and how I adopted it…

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My Story

I love meeting people and hearing their story. Here’s a little more about me and many of my favorite ways I enjoy spending my time…

I’m a “Native Angelino” born in Hollywood, CA. I’m told I’m a rare breed among a town full of transplants from across the country and around the world.

I’ve been told people either love LA or hate it. I fall in the first category. Is our city perfect? No, but it offers so much diversity and color that I’m continually amazed at the new finds, food, festivals and frivolity this city offers.

I’m definitely a foodie and I love that I can choose to dine from a plethora of authentic cuisines from around the world. It’s like traveling around the globe without the price of airfare.

I love to dance and sing and start new business ventures, as well as help new entrepreneurs follow their passion and get started in their new business. I also love hiking and reading and mining (not with a pickaxe or shovel, but digitally in the cryptocurrency arena) and I also love cooking and entertaining! Cheers!

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Founder & CEO

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