Personal Growth

I have learned that life is about learning!

My personal goal is to become and be the best version of myself and to help others become the best version of themselves too! Am I perfect? Of course not, but when I’ve strayed off course, I take a deep breath and correct my course back to my primary goal.

It’s been said that Leaders are Readers. I believe this with a passion and I’ve committed myself to read 3-4 books a month which inspire me and teach me the skills I need to help me become a better leader.

As a leader, I can’t give what I don’t have, so I’m committed to lifelong learning.

Most of my music listening has been replaced with podcasts, TED Talks and motivational speakers. Most of my netflix time has been replaced with inspirational videos on youtube. Have I done away with all entertainment? No, but I have shifted my time learning time to a minimum of 70%.

I’ve scheduled 45 minutes a day to my book reading list and because I know my health is also important, I have scheduled the same amount of time for daily exercise consisting of hiking, swimming, running and walking.

I’ll be adding some of my favorite tips & tools to this section of my website. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do too.



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