Ordained Minister

The Susan & Paul Wedding with TofuAlan.

My mother always wanted me to become a priest. Maybe this was a close second? The County of Los Angeles, (as well as other counties), allows a friend or family member to officiate a wedding through their Deputy Commissioner for a Day Program.

I have completed this program several times in the County of Los Angeles. The cost is $75 with an additional fee of $13 if you need the certification in less than 30 days. I found great value in the class because they really show you how to complete the paperwork so there are no complications with the marriage license.

I highly recommend the Deputy Commissioner for a Day Program, if you are performing your first ceremony. You will learn what you need to say during the ceremony to make it a legally binding marriage as well as how to complete the paperwork. One mistake on the paperwork and you’ll need to complete the paperwork again and pay an extra fee to the County Registrar Recorder.

I was asked by a close friend from the swing dance community to officiate her wedding. A month later, my cousin asked if I would be willing to officiate her wedding. After being asked a 3rd time, a friend suggested becoming an ordained minister. I followed their advice and voila, I am now an official ordained minister.

Just like Conan O’Brien, I am ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery. If you plan on performing more than 2 or 3 weddings it might be cost effective to become an ordained minister.

If you don’t need to become an ordained minister and you don’t want to stress out any of your friends or family members and you’re just looking for someone with experience, and great references to perform your wedding ceremony, I’d be happy to chat with you.

I have performed weddings in homes, backyards and small venues. As an avid hiker myself, I’ve been asked to perform a wedding in the local mountains as well as a ski resort. Whether it’s a small or large wedding, I will customize the ceremony for you and your spouse, and do my best to make it a fun and memorable experience for you.

My Universal Life Church Ordination