Hosting Accounts

So you’ve chosen your business name. You searched Burrito Project Domains to see if your domain name is available. Eureka! It’s available! You purchase your domain name for the year, or maybe several years. Now, what do you do?

You will ALSO need a Hosting Account which will allow your website to be viewed on the world wide web. I have been using the same hosting company for the past 12+ years and I’m very happy with them.

I use the Economy & Deluxe hosting plans from Burrito Project Domains and these should be adequate for hosting most websites. You can always start with a smaller hosting plan and scale up as needed.

Many of the hosting accounts include email accounts as well, so you may not need purchase one at this time. If you are a gmail user, you might be interested in reading more about G Suite which is the business email service from Google.

So you have purchased your domain name, your hosting plan and have looked at various email services. What’s next? It’s time to build your website. Click here for more information on that next step, building your website.


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