Beyond Wealth

Beyond, is a health and wellness company with some interesting products including healthy chocolate. Wait, isn’t all chocolate healthy???

In July 2020, Beyond launched a digital division called, Beyond Wealth, which focuses on bridging the gap between traditional fiat currency and cryptocurrency. I’m really excited about the products and services they are offering.

The company created an app dubbed the Infinite Success App which was created as a marketing funnel to share their products and services. Once invited, you can join the Infinity Line, which then grants you access to some amazing FREE products; an upgraded CoinZoom Account and a Visa Debit Card which links with your CoinZoom account and allows you to spend your fiat & crypto funds, while earning you up to 5% interest on your spending.

The Infinite Success App allows you to upgrade your FREE position to a paid option for $99 and $60 per month. This new tier unlocks many of my favorite products.

  • You can save up to 40% when booking travel through their, Wanderlust Travel Portal.
  • An upgraded Gold Account with CoinZoom.
  • Access to purchase (1) Velocity Node.
    • The Velocity Node is a program which can more than double your investment over 150 weeks. It pays you $32 every week for 150 weeks with a buyout option of $2,000 on week 151.
  • Access to their trading platform, Sigma AI.
    • In the past, I paid between $99-$299 per month to access an AI trading bot. The, Sigma AI, trading bot is included for only $60/month. Personally, I think this is a great deal!

Beyond Wealth, offers some higher membership tiers which offer additional products and/or greater discounts on existing products. My suggestion, start with the FREE gifts. If you do nothing else, I think you’ll enjoy your experience with the multi-currency exchange platform. Who doesn’t like FREE?

If you want to dip our toe in the cryptocurrency waters, then I think the $99 upgrade is well worth it, especially if you plan to utilize Sigma AI and/or purchase a Velocity Node. The Velocity Node can essentially offset your monthly $60 fee and you’ll still make a profit.

If you like the services you are using, you can use the Infinite Success App to invite people to join the Infinity Line for FREE and access their FREE gifts. If 3 of your referrals join AND UPGRADE to the $99 membership, then your membership is FREE and you’ll earn a $15 commission.

Yes, Beyond Wealth is a MLM company, AKA Network Marketing, AKA Direct Sales company. Do your research and I think you’ll be impressed with the value you will receive from their products and services. I believe they are unique to the marketplace and/or provide superior value for the price you pay.

Try out the FREE products. If you’re not impressed, then we need to talk. I want to know what you didn’t like. No, REALLY! I want to know. =)

Now, if MLM is your jam, I think you’ll be impressed with the company’s philosophy of helping their clients and partners “have their best day ever!”