Merchant Services

On March 1, 2020, I officially started my new Merchant Services Company, VCCP. I worked in the industry for several years and found it gratifying to provide my fellow business owners with the ability to accept credit card payments at a lower cost than other local companies.

As a business owner myself, I’d much rather only accept cash or a check, but these days most customers want to pay with their credit cards to rack up those rewards and points with the convenience of a swipe or tap of their card or mobile device.

From the customer’s point of view, these rewards are a great FREE perk over using cash. The only catch, is the perks are not actually free, but paid for by the merchants who accept those credit & debit cards.

I streamlined my business and have great partnerships. With a smaller office, I can offer lower rates to my fellow business owners. I understand the need to accept plastic, but the sting is much less when you get high-quality service, the latest equipment, a fair rate, and the knowledge that every swipe of a credit card helps to feed the homeless and hungry living on the streets of our local communities.

I believe in tithing and have chosen to donate 10% of my business profits to, The Burrito Project. I feel that building a business in my community also means I should help out the less fortunate members of my community. By partnering with me and my merchant services company, we can help our community together.

If you are starting a business and you plan to accept credit & debit cards, please allow me to win your business. I understand that you have many choices, from your local bank to an online agent from a big-name company. By partnering with me, you get a local businessman AND the backing of one of the largest merchant service companies in North America. I can offer you highly competitive rates and the best equipment systems in the industry. Yes, the same equipment you see in your local restaurants, coffee shops, and popular retail stores.

If you have an existing business, I’m happy to do a rate analysis for you. I can show you what you will be saving with me, instead of remaining with your existing company. If you are using your local bank, Square (which I love), Quickbooks, or PayPal to accept credit card payments, please give me a chance to win your business and save you money on your merchant processing fees.

I can offer solutions for your eCommerce business, mobile payment solutions for your on-the-go business, solutions for your professional office, and of course an integrated system for your retail store or restaurant.

I look forward to working with you!