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Constant Contact is a great way to build your email list and create beautiful newsletters. Chances are, you already read many newsletters created with Constant Contact from your favorite businesses, blogs and retailers.

Why would you want to collect emails from your visitors? Well, email is not as sexy as social media, but it’s still a basic form of communication which works in reaching your client base. If you’re like me, I check my email on a daily basis.

In the 90’s my email list was the life blood of my business. I was in the promotions business and my email list was the key to making or breaking my events’ success. I was able to offer bonuses, perks, VIP pricing and discounts to my clients and customers. I had control of when I could reach out to my people, which was especially useful when a last minute event would come up.

As social media became more popular, I relied less and less on my email list and focused on using various social media tools and channels to promote my events and content. I basically got lazy with my basics and I was focusing on the glam and glitz of facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. to spread the word.

We live in a world of the ever evolving algorithm. The businesses who put all their eggs in one basket may find their high traffic and sales disappear overnight due a change in the algorithm. Now, they have no way to reach their existing customer base while they retool and adjust to the new status quo.

Plus, many of your potential audience might be leaving, or have already left, the popular social media sites you are using to reach your client base.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use social media, but I recommend you should augment it with the tried and true dependability of email. Add a beautiful newsletter to your marketing campaign and you have an email which stands out from the boring plain text emails.

I have used Constant Contact in the past and I’m adding it back to my tool box as a way to increase my relationship with valued readers like you. In fact, I’m creating a newsletter because several friends and colleagues have asked me to start one again. By clicking on this Constant Contact Affiliate Link, you help generate some extra revenue for this website with no extra cost to you.

Am I recommending Constant Contact ONLY because I have a chance to get paid? No, I use Constant Contact because they have been in business for many, many years and they are a leader in their industry. I love the easy to use interface and the beautiful choice of templates they offer. Plus, they have amazing customer service to help train and assist me when I have any questions.

Thank you for your support! If you’re looking to build your email list, check out Constant Contact and please join my email list to receive my monthly newsletter.



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