Bitcoin Mania and Hashrate Opportunities within the BlockChain

I have watched bitcoin rise in value from a few pennies per bitcoin coin (in 2009) to now over $16,000 per bitcoin (as of today, December 26, 2017 the value was $16,198 per bitcoin). It’s amazing to see such an idea gain traction and take hold in the world in just a few short years.

Is this our century’s gold rush? Another “dot com” chance we may have missed a decade ago?

I was watching a show on Netflix and I learned that one of the characters in the series made his family fortune during the gold rush, not by finding gold, but by selling supplies to the miners who were searching for gold. The idea struck a chord with me. Supply the miners with what they need as they pursue their fortune, and your fortune will be made as well.

Over the holidays, I noticed the buzzword of the season was bitcoin. When I asked people what they knew about bitcoin, the answer I heard most often was “I don’t know much, but I wish I got onboard earlier.” It seems like so many people want to be involved with the cryptocurrency market, but many feel like they have missed the bandwagon.

I think that the bitcoin value may be a bit inflated, but because of the nature of bitcoin and its ease of use internationally, it will only grow in value as awareness grows in this country and within the different sectors of the world.

Do I think it’s a safe investment?  I’m not a professional investor, but I’ll tell you that I’m going to jump on the bandwagon this week. I want a piece of this currency because I think this will be a widespread, legitimate alternate currency within the next few years.

Even today as I went to lunch with a friend, we used venmo to split the check. It was an easy and simple “virtual” transaction which transferred funds between each other. As this type of transaction gains familiarity, bitcoin will make more and more sense within the worldwide market, since bitcoin can be used easily around the globe.

As I’ve been looking at the cryptocurrency market, it seems that the safest way for me to enter this market sector is to join the blockchain mania through mining. Through mining I can leverage the power of hashrate and earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies through a mining contract.

One of my favorite quotes from the 1989 movie, Field of Dreams is: “If you build it, he will come.” When I am focused on an idea or a goal, I notice that the answers to my questions seem to fall in place right in front of me. Earlier this week, I started writing down my longterm and shortterm goals. One of my long term goals is to get my pilot licence. Today, as I was chatting with my Lyft driver, it turns out he is a flight instructor at my local airport. Was that coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, I welcome the information.

Another goal was to enter the cryptocurrency market before the end of 2017.  As I was investigating several options this month, one of my business partners (who I “randomly” met in an elevator at the Building Department earlier this year) brought up cryptocurrency and I learned about a company which sells hashrate for cryptocurrency mining. This sounded like the perfect answer to my question. After hours and hours of research, I decided that this is the company I’m going to partner up with.

I joined a TEAM who are pooling their resources to sell hashrate for cryptocurrency miners. Sell to the miners what they need and we can profit as well. It seems like another answer has fallen into my lap.

If you’d like to learn more about mining cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, Ethereum & Zcash), and what hashrate can be used for, feel free to reach out to me.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2019: When, OmniaTek and Neo Mine Tech. both closed their doors, I kept my eyes and ears open for a company which looked reputable and I could trust with my hard earned money.

I’ve done some mining with HoneyMiner and I am happy with their services. It might be more cost effective to just buy BTC from an exchange, instead of mining it, since the current price is so low (currently hovering at $8,000 as of September 2019).

I’m also aggressively looking into Cloud Token 2.0 as a potential company to utilize for arbitrage crypto trading. I downloaded a free wallet and I’m trading some BTC using JARVIS. If you’d like to test out their products with me, please join me for the ride.