My 1st Recommended Book for the New Year and My Craving for Another Side Hustle

Last year I purchased several books which I didn’t get to read, so they are on the top of my reading stack for this new year. The top 2 items on most people’s resolutions are to make more money and to improve their health. With this in mind, I decided my first book of 2019 would be, Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days, written by, Chris Guillebeau.

Chris Guillebeau, may be my kindred spirit. I love the idea of creating multiple side hustles for myself, as well as helping others to create their own. What is a side hustle anyway? As I understand it, it’s a side project which you are passionate about, which you can do alongside your EXISTING job, to earn extra money.

If you have a great idea, and the right skills, and perfect timing, it’s very possible that your side hustle income can eventually surpass the income of your regular job. Imagine that. Then you can decide what you want to do from there. This is what I call a great problem to have.

Imagine reading the Side Hustle book this month and transforming your idea(s) into a new side hustle which can earn you an additional stream of income next month and beyond. I’ve already cracked open the book and I’m already super excited for this years possibilities. Keep your journal or notebook handy, because once you start the exercises in the book, your creativity may surprise you. Make sure to capture all of those ideas on paper before they disappear.

Before I even started reading the book, I started delving into the Side Hustle School podcasts. They are entertaining and chock full of puns to keep you smiling or groaning (with utter delight). Each episode features an example of someone who turned their idea into a successful side hustle. The examples are varied and I find them inspiring. Not only because regular people created spectacular results, but because each and every side hustle example is fertile soil for a new potential side hustle idea which could be perfect for you and your skills.

I’m already filled many pages in my side hustle notebook with useful ideas and tips which may save me time, heartache and money. Here’s my challenge to you! Start listening to the podcasts, (they are FREE), invest in the Side Hustle Book and lets create a new side hustle this month which will stimulate your creativity, change the world for the better and fatten your wallet.

Cheers to your success!